Our Staff

Experienced Direct Care Teams

Our Direct Care Professionals are committed to our mission of assisting individuals in achieving their greatest potential.

These teams are led by a group of experienced leadership staff that work to carry out this rewarding, care-giving role. 

These teams play an integral and crucial part in the success of not only our clients, but our organization.

Direct Care Team Supervisors:

Jeannie Bronas, DCP III – Facility Operations

DCP III – Staff Supervisor

DCP III – Client Care

Supervisory & Professional Staff

Our supervisory and professional support staff provide training, supervision, program oversight and support.
Our teams work directly with clinicians, providers and outside agencies to ensure quality programming and services.


Our Supervisors and Office Support Team:

Kristen Golat, APSW Program Coordinator

Janna Marschall, LPC-IT Business Coordinator

Amber Steele, Client Service Coordinator

Mikayla Aultman, Client Service Coordinator

Angela Jensen, Bookkeeping

Carrie Donahue, Bookkeeping


Pine Valley Administration

Pine Valley is a women-owned and women-led business, with women comprising over 80% of our total workforce.
Our current leaders bring over 40 years of combined experience in areas such as long term care, business administration,
social work, behavioral health programming, program development, consultation and leadership.


Jessica Schulz
Chief Executive Officer & Owner


Roberta Bronecki, LCSW
Director of Operations