Helping Individuals Achieve Their Greatest Potential...

Pine Valley Residential Services offers community-based homes with integrated behavioral health, therapeutic and rehabilitation services.  We stabilize and treat adults with complex diagnoses who suffer from chronic behavioral health and mental health issues.  We also provide support for addiction recovery.

Our program is designed to measurably reduce behaviors which put our clients at risk of placement failure or institutional treatment.  We do this by developing individualized and comprehensive treatment and behavioral plans that can be integrated into therapeutic services, primary care, and with other providers to create a whole person approach to treatment.

We have a full time, on-site case management department to ensure consistent programming and coordination of care and services.  We also offer fully integrated psycho-therapeutic and psycho-educational services aimed at our specific clients and client needs through Pine Valley Integrated Services.  This enables us to provide a consistent, cohesive day-to-day program for each individual client based on their specific diagnosis, their individual needs, personal goals and hopes for their future.

We currently operate a total of ten (10) community-based facilities in Wisconsin, consisting of even (7) Adult Family Homes and three (3) Transitional Program Supported Apartments.