Residential Programs

Helping Individuals Achieve Their Greatest Potential...

Our goal at Pine Valley is to maximize overall quality of life, diminish dysfunctional behaviors, and provide a home which encourages each person to progress to their highest potential.

  • Promote wellness to individuals in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Provide a stable, community-based home.
  • Develop trusting working relationships by providing structure, by being honest and straightforward, and by assisting individuals in learning to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.
  • Provide active, individualized, and consistent case management.
  • Assist clients in recognizing, learning and utilizing socially appropriate behavior.
  • Provide opportunities for clients to engage in appropriate and meaningful interactions in our facilities, communities and with our neighbors.
  • Develop an attitude of seeking solutions rather than avoidance of problems.
  • Engage clients in using thinking strategies to develop solutions to issues or problems.
  • Listen openly to ideas and seek solutions as a member of a team.
  • Simplify the treatment of clients by teaching them to value intrinsic rewards thus reducing the reliance on temporary external rewards.  Our programs do not utilize physical restraints of any kind.
  • Strive to find ways to motivate each client to their highest potential through the use of positive behavioral strategies and allowing for natural consequences.
  • Encourage volunteerism and an attitude of giving back to our community through various projects and activities.
  • Provide clients an opportunity to grow into more independent living situations or to try another residential setting if the current arrangement is not working.

Adult Family Homes:   Structured Community –Based Living

Our Adult Family Home facilities provide a community-based, home-like living environment for clients in need of 24-hour supervision and more intensive, structured, therapeutic programs.  We provide programming and supervision at individual levels based on client need.

  •  We have the ability to perform mental health assessments and make recommendations for treatment.  Treatment and integrated programming available as an additional contract for services.
  • Increased supervision as needed for individual clients.
  • 24-hour on-call crisis support for individual clients as needed.
  • Specialized on-site or community work programs are available with an additional contract for services.

Supervised Apartment Facilities:   A Step Towards Independence

Our Supervised Facilities are truly unique in that they provide clients the opportunity to live in a less restrictive environment than our Adult Family Homes while maintaining a level of support and supervision which may be necessary to ensure ongoing success.

  • Programs allow for client individuality and changing needs.
  • Designed to transition clients into the least restrictive and most independent setting possible.
  • Can be monitored with alarmed doors, wireless surveillance, and/or individualized staffing.
  • Transportation, supervision and assistance with meal planning, grocery shopping, medication administration, medical trips, cooking, cleaning, and other household duties.
  • Weekly outings in the community as well as opportunities to participate in all of the activities of the Adult Family Homes.
  • Individual and group therapy and/or support group participation is also available for clients in these facilities with additional contracting for services.