About Us

Welcome To Pine Valley

We Believe…

Change is not only possible, but necessary.

That we must work together in order to make meaningful and lasting change; in individuals, in our community, in the world.

That the journey can also be the destination.


Pine Valley Integrated Services:

Pine Valley Integrated is a Licensed Outpatient Clinic and Mental Health Provider credentialed with the State of Wisconsin to provide outpatient services at our clinics as well as services in schools, hospitals or clinics and other agencies.

Our team of therapists, clinical staff and social workers provide behavioral health and mental health services in various locations; we co-locate within school districts, medical clinics, and other established programs to connect services and resources to those that need them.

Pine Valley also partners with the Wisconsin University system to train and provide clinical supervision of masters-level social work students during internships.  We also provide clinical supervision to Licensed Counselors – in training or Substance Abuse Counselors – in training.


Pine Valley Residential Services:

Pine Valley Residential has over 30 years of experience and dedication to residential long-term care and mental health treatment.

Our program specializes in stabilizing clients with a history of placement failures, providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. This service is provided to adults with complex diagnosis; those diagnosed as developmentally disabled and chronically mentally ill with behavioral disorders and often possible addictions.

We offer treatment in an environment which encourages each person to progress to their highest potential.